At Griffin Landscape Management Solutions Inc. We offer a wide variety of landscaping and snow removal related services. It’s our goal to be your “one stop shop” for all your landscaping and property management requirements.

Whether you own a commercial, industrial or even condo residential property, Griffin LMS is here to take away the stress and headache of having to manage many different service vendors for the service requirements of said property. By offering a wide range of in house services for all of your properties we eliminate the need of you having more than one vendor to cover all aspects of your property maintenance needs.

One vendor, one number to call 1 855 815 5296 and representatives that know you by name and take pride as much in your property as they do there own properties. We are a 4 season operation which makes seasonal transition periods easy to manage for your property requirements.

Whether its early spring clean ups of landscape areas or power sweeping your parking lot and power washing your storefronts to remove winter debris to have your property looking tip top for the coming spring weather we have you covered.  Now that your parking lot and storefront and landscape areas are clean and your thinking you want to go the extra mile and repaint your parking lot. Not a problem, we have a crew set up for painting parking lots up to 5000 parking stalls to small lots with just under 100 parking stalls.

With having full time year round staff we ensure we always have a Griffin Team ready to go for emergency call outs for those unexpected situations. From building securing if you have had a fire, to burst pipes we are always available to ensure that our clients property management needs are looked after 24/7.

Winter operations are no different here at Griffin LMS, with dedicated crews and area supervisors there is always someone watching your property and the weather conditions. With real time GPS tracking on our fleet and wireless work order system with GPS back up as well as weather network data automatically downloaded from real time info on site we can offer a completely paperless system with on site photo logs as well to provide the information that you need instantly.


Services we provide:

Turf Care & Maintenance

Turf Care & Maintenance is just one of the many Landscape Management services that we provide for many of our commercial and institutional property clientele. Property Managers call today and speak with one of our team representatives on setting up a tailored program for your property portfolios specific needs.

Contact us today Toll Free: 1 855 815 5296

  1. De-Thatching
  2. Aerating
  3. Granular Fertilizer Programs
  4. Liquid Fertilizer Programs
  5. Eco Weed Control Programs
  6. Top Dressing
  7. Over Seeding
  8. Sod
  9. New Seeding
  10. Pest Control
Grass Cutting

When it comes to Grass Cutting services we are the Kings of the trade! We built our company to what it is today starting as a grass cutting service provider. From our high production crews servicing many school boards and municipality contracts with large acreage properties to our high detail and finish crews that service our commercial clienteles shopping plazas and condo properties with have specifically tailored crews for what ever your property portfolio may consist of. Property Managers call today and speak with one of our representatives to asses your specific needs.

Contact Us Today Toll Free 1 855 815 5296

Full Service Property Maintenance

We provide a full range of property maintenance services in our Landscape Management sector for whatever your specific needs may be. Property Managers what ever your property need is Griffin LMS has you covered.

  1. Daily Litter Pick up
  2. Irrigation Services
  3. Flower Installation
  4. Tree & Shrub Installation
  5. Gardening Services
  6. Turf Care Services
  7. Watering Services
  8. Parking Lot Services
  9. Window Washing Services
  10. Site Supervising/Management
  11. Power Washing/Hot Washing

Contact Us Today Toll Free 1 855 815 5296

Road Side Mowing & Brushing

When it comes to Road Side Mowing & Brushing we have the will, the know how and the right equipment to cut even the most difficult of areas. Road side mowing is not for the average company, it takes years of experience ability and know how to execute in a safe and timely manner. We cut over 1500 km of road sides each and every year, not only do we do road sides but private land clearing and field cutting as well. Contact us today and we will come and asses your property.

Contact Us Today Toll Free 1 855 815 5296

Parking Area Maintenance

When it comes to your commercial property what is the most expensive part to maintain of the exterior grounds? Your parking lot and walkways are !  Not only are they the most expensive for up keep they are also your biggest nemesis when it comes to liabilities. Depending on the size of your property you can spend tens of thousands to hundreds of dollars on asphalt; now with an investment of this magnitude do you not think it is worth it to properly maintain it.

A properly maintained parking area can last many many years, it is called preventative maintenance. You address the minor problems like cracks and potholes before they turn into major problems that are going to cost you large sums of money in the end to have the area completely re done. Not only that but, issues like these can also be a liability suit waiting to happen should someone trip and fall injuring there self. So before your little problems turn into big headaches contact us and we will do a complete assessment of your property with report and quote for free.

  1. Asphalt Repairs
  2. New Asphalt
  3. Pot Hole Repairs/infrared technology
  4. Cold Patching
  5. Asphalt Crack Sealing
  6. Concrete Repairs
  7. New Concrete
  8. Concrete Grinding of Heaved sidewalk lips
  9. Catch Basin Repairs
  10. Asphalt Seal Coating
  11. Line painting of existing and new layout

We have many different construction services that we provide, from excavating services, grading, trenching, retaining walls, carpentry for decks etc., interlock and pools.

Snow & Ice Management

Snow & Ice Management services are one of the most important aspects to keeping your property running and operating smoothly and safely during the cold long winter months. That being said, you need to be very careful with whom you select as your service provider nowadays. A proper and reliable contractor will show you proof of WSIB coverage as well as proper liability insurance coverage, you need to do your due diligence and make sure that who you select has all the proper documentation and will cover you as an additional insured under their coverage for liability. Generally years ago coverage of 2 million liability was the norm and still exist and is adequate, but you will find that more and more that a 5 million liability coverage is what is becoming the industry standard.

Here at Griffin we carry 5 million liability as well as WSIB, we strive to be on the forefront of industry innovation and leadership when it comes to new technology and techniques to providing a more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly Snow & Ice management Service for you our loyal customer. Below are services that we provide, please contact us and we will come out to assess your specific property needs and provide you with a free quote.

  1. Nightly Snow & Ice Patrols
  2. 24/7 Monitoring and Call in Numbers
  3. Road Plowing & Salting Service
  4. Parking lot Plowing & Salting Services
  5. Sidewalk Plowing & Salting Services
  6. Snow Relocation and Hauling Services
  7. Salting Services
  8. Chemical Ice melt Services
  9. Liquid Ice Melt Services
  10. Sanding Services