Snow & Ice Management

Snow & Ice Management


Snow & Ice Management services are the single most important aspects to keeping your property running and operating smoothly and safely during the cold long winter months. That being said, you need to be very careful with whom you select as your service provider in this day and age.

Here at Griffins we do rigorous in house training for our service technicians through SIMA provided materials such as training videos, study/workbooks, online training courses and infield real time operational training. We also acknowledge that there is a science to Snow & Ice Management, with providing the best possible service for keeping your property safe while maintaining the least negative impact on our precious watershed environments does not involve just applying more salt (Sodium Chloride).

Griffin LMS is a (Smart about Salt) certified company with recognizing, that we need to know the science and chemistry behind the proper application of materials and chemicals to safely and responsibly execute our services, while still maintaining the most effective, cost efficient and lowest negative impact on our environment.

We are proud to say that we have been on the forefront of industry innovation by implementing safer and newer methodology and technology. Years ago we recognized the value and importance of implementing liquids into our arsenal of de-icing materials. In recognizing this, we fully developed our own in-house manufacturing capability to produce liquid salt brine with 10,000 gallons of storage capabilities. Along with our liquids we use and implement other ice fighting materials, such as (Magnesium Chloride) coated rock salt and different blends of sand/salt mixes for different weather events and temperatures. Along with all of this we have fully developed a (Snow Response Plan & Operational Guideline to Material Application) which identifies key types of storms and weather patterns and how our team will respond to them.

The right science and methodology are only part what you need to know in order to provide the best Snow & Ice Services on the market. You also need to know equipment capabilities and applications and again Griffin LMS is at the front of the industry. With a modern fully GPS tracked and dispatched fleet of Salter Trucks/ Liquid De-icers, plow trucks, sidewalk units, tractors, wheel loaders and skid steers. Along with this fleet is our mobile welding and maintenance capabilities which keeps the plows moving 24 hours a day. Because not only are we providing you a service but we are providing you peace of mind knowing that even in the most extreme weather your lot will be serviced.

  1. Nightly Snow & Ice Patrols
  2. 24/7 Monitoring and Call in Numbers
  3. Road Plowing & Salting Service
  4. Parking lot Plowing & Salting Services
  5. Sidewalk Plowing & Salting Services
  6. Snow Relocation and Hauling Services
  7. Salting Services
  8. Chemical Ice melt Services
  9. Liquid Ice Melt Services
  10. Sanding Services